NUEACTIVE is guided by transparency and environmental and social consciousness.


Designed and formulated in the Netherlands, our cold processed organic preparations work to maintain healthy hair and skin. The integrity of our compostable packaging and recyclable post-consumer plastic bottles set sustainable as standard, emphasising our holistic and honest approach.



Cosmetic products that are produced the cold process method have a number of important advantages. Many hair and skin care products are formulated using natural raw materials. Their cleansing properties rely upon the fatty acids that are produced as natural oils and fats breakdown. With a warm or hot process, the raw materials are heated, usually to speed up saponification, a process which compromises the integrity of the finished product. With the cold processed method, these delicate and valuable fatty acids remain intact within the recipe.


In addition to this, many flower and plant essences are very sensitive to heat and light, and may be damaged when exposed them during the production process. This results in the active and beneficial elements of the natural ingredient being destroyed. The precise properties for which the ingredient was chosen are lost.
Care products made according to the cold process method retain these active beneficial elements and powerful natural effects, and often have a slightly creamier and softer character.



We begin by rigorously vetting our suppliers to ensure that their ethics and priorities align with our own. We then work closely with our partners to source the highest quality sustainable ingredients from around the world.


We are proud to say that we know exactly where each of our ingredients comes from, when and how it was harvested, and that we can attest for their unadulterated purity through our systems of composition testing, documentation and certification



We strive to use biodegradable, recyclable and reusable packaging with the highest content of post-consumer waste whenever possible. Our bottles are manufactured locally in a facility that works with Post Consumer Recyled Plastics. Our shipping bags are made from 100% compostable material. Shipping labels, parcel tape, note cards and stickers are all made from 100% post-consumer waste.


These materials are all produced locally and are entirely recyclable and/or compostable.



We encourage you to keep our product bottles and and reuse or repurpose them when possible. Convenient product refill and subscription programs are coming soon!



We work with 1% for the Planet to ensure that we’re consciously giving back to the planet.


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