NUEACTIVE is created with long-term health in mind. Our gender-neutral hair and body
care provide a new washing experience.


Designed and formulated in the Netherlands, our cold processed organic preparations work to maintain healthy hair and skin. The integrity of our compostable packaging and recyclable post-consumer plastic bottles set sustainable as standard, emphasising our holistic and honest approach. We utilise our expertise with care and consideration, embodying our commitment to creating products that nourish your hair and skin while protecting the environment.


NUEACTIVE provides conscious care for clarity of conscience.


If you would like to reach out to us, please contact info@nueactive.com
and we will be happy to say hello!





NUEACTIVE deliver difference.


Our principles and our service are simple. We create products that are gentle on your hair, skin, and the environment and deliver them directly to you through our tailored subscription service. Our approach reduces waste and costs, and ensures that you have the care you need when you need it most.


You choose the product you want and a convenient location and we deliver to you each month. Simplicity of service providing peace of mind.




Your NUEACTIVE repeat subscription is always free and can be cancelled at any time. In addition one-time orders are also free and for each product sold, we work with 1% for the Planet to ensure that we’re consciously giving back to the planet









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